[See sub-rule (1) of rule 4] EARMARKED/ENDOWMENT FUNDS


  Fund Wise Break up       Totals
  Fund WW Fund XX Fund YY Fund ZZ Current Year Previous Year
(a) Opening balance of the funds            
(b) Additions to the Funds:            
(i) Donations/grants            
(ii) Income from investments made on account of funds            
(iii) Other additions (specify nature)            
Total (a + b)            
(c) Utilisation/Expenditure towards objectives of funds            
(i) Capital Expenditure            
-  Fixed Assets            
-  Others            
(ii) Revenue Expenditure            
-  Salaries, Wages and allowances etc.            
-  Rent            
-  Other Administrative Expenses            
Total (c )            
NET BALANCE AS AT THE YEAR END (a + b - c)            

1. Disclosures shall be made under relevant heads based on conditions attaching to the grants.


2. Plan Funds received from the Central Government are to be shown as separate Funds and not to be mixed up with any other funds.