Part - 11

Attendance and appearance of creditors and partners

201. Attendance proceedings.

(1) Save as otherwise provided or by an order of Tribunal, every person for the time being on the list of partners of the LLP and every creditor whose debt has been admitted by Liquidator wholly or in part shall be at liberty at his own expense to attend the proceedings before the Tribunal or before the Liquidator and shall be entitled upon payment of the costs occasioned thereby to have notice of all such proceedings as he shall, by request in writing addressed to the Liquidator, desire to have notice of; but if the Tribunal is of the opinion that the attendance of any such person has occasioned any additional costs which ought not to be borne by the funds of the LLP, it may direct such costs or a gross sum in lieu thereof to be paid by such person and such person shall not be entitled to attend any further proceedings until he had paid the same.

(2) No partner or creditor shall be entitled to attend any proceedings before the Member, unless and until he or an Advocate or pleader or authorized representative on his behalf has filed an appearance with the Registrar of Tribunal. The Registrar of Tribunal shall keep an “Appearance Book” in which all such appearances shall be entered. Such book shall be open to the inspection of the Liquidator.