12A. Application for e-Registration

(1) Notwithstanding any thing contained in rule 12, an application for grant of registration certificate under the Act may be submitted by a dealer electronically, in Form VAT-01A completed in all respect along with the scanned copy of Form VAT-01B, through the official web-site of the department to the office of the authority competent to grant registration under subsection

(1) of section 13 of the Act. Form VAT-01B shall be typed on non judicial Stamp paper of Rs. 10/- and shall be attested by a Notary Public. The duly signed photos attested by a Notary Public of proprietor / partners / directors / Karta /Trustees / Members of the governing body / authorized signatory, as the case may be, shall be affixed on it.

(2)The time limit for submission of application for e-registration shall be as prescribed in sub-rule (2) of rule 12 of the rules.

(3) The dealer, who has submitted application under sub-rule (1), shall submit the following documents in hard copy thereof within three working days from the end of the day of submission of application in Form VAT-01A, to the authority competent to grant registration:

a. Signed copy of Form VAT-01A, generated through web site;

b. Form VAT-01B in original;

c. Declaration of business manager in Form VAT 02;

d. Copy of partnership deed, if any, memorandum and articles of association of a company, deed of trust, registration and memorandum of association of society, certified by the applicant;

e. Copy of resolution passed by Board of Directors, in case of a company and of governing body, in case of other entities, for authorisation of a person to file the application for registration certified by the applicant;

f. Security required to be furnished as per section 15 of the Act in such form as prescribed in rule 77;

g. Copy of Permanent Account Number allotted by the Income Tax Department;

h. Copy of rent deed, or rent receipt; and

i. Copy of the last paid electricity bill."

(4) If details regarding permanent account number of business, information regarding bank account with IFSC code of branch, telephone number/ mobile number and E-Mail ID are not furnished in the application form for the grant of registration certificate in form VAT-01A, it shall be deemed that application for the grant of registration is not complete in all respect.