55.  Authentication of account books. Section 29(2)(c).

 (1) A registered dealer when required by the assessing authority shall produce before it any book, document or account relating to his business for the purpose of authentication.

(2) The Assessing Authority may, as far as possible with prior notice, authenticate the books of accounts of the dealer by visiting his place of business where the books, documen ts or accounts are kept.

(3) The Assessing Authority shall append his signature along with his seal at one or more places in each of the books, documents or accounts and record a certificate in the following form at the opening page thereof:

“Certified that this book/document/account contains pages _____ to _____ and I have put my signatures along with the official seal at page Nos. ________ and ____.

(Signature of assessing authority)

Name in CAPITALS _____________________________

District ____________________

Date _____________________ ”

(4) The assessing authority shall keep a regular record of such authentication in the file of each dealer for utilisation at the time of inspection of his accounts or stocks.

(5) The assessing authority shall make a note of such authentication on the list, maintained under clause (b) of sub-section (2) of section 29 by the dealer.